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1991 Enterprise Records.

1. KEN'S CHARISMA (ELAYNE ROBERTS) 4:48 - This beautiful theme was written and arranged by Elayne Roberts and dedicated to disc jockey, KEN BORGERS, program director of KLON. The tune was inspired by Ken's incredible charisma, the first time he heard and played "Nilesology''on the air. Marty & Elayne played the aircheck for a friend at the Dresden (where they are appearing nightly) and the audience applauded. Then surprisingly, the people who were there that night brought their friends in and requested the aircheck. This happened repeatedly, and soon Marty and Elayne's mailing list expanded from 200 to 2000, with fans all over the world (many between the ages of 21 and 30). This phenomenon led Marty & Elayne to include the aircheck in this CD. Several of the greatest musicians on the jazz scene today are featured on Ken's Charisma, namely RED CALLENDER (a legend in jazz) who has played with almost all the heavies, such as CHARLIE PARKER, ERROL GARNER, GEORGE SHEARING, BILLY HOLIDAY, ETC., MED FLORY, leader of SUPERSAX, who has played with WOODY HERMAN, JOE WILLIAMS ETC., CONTI CONDOLI (JAZZMAN OF THE YEAR) who plays with THE TONIGHT SHOW BAND and is an alumni of the STANKENTON ORCHESTRA, JACK SHELDON, another alumni of the STAN KENTON BAND who was featured on the MERV GRIFFIN SHOW, JACK NIMITZ, JAY MIGLIORI, PETE CRISTLIEB and CHARLIE LOPER who played with a great number of big bands including STAN KENTON and WOODY HERMAN, FRED DUTTON who played with STAN GETZ, DAVE BRUBECK, JOHNNY MATHIS etc. and MARTY & ELAYNE ROBERTS.

To quote RED CALLENDER on a KLON (radio) interview, "Elayne is a marvelous composer and arranger". I especially liked Elayne's piano solo -- so meaningful. In fact, all the solos on this side are fabulous. GREAT JAZZ!

2. SUMMERTIME (3:50) - Elayne sings this Gershwin classic with wonderful jazz phrasing, then shows her versatility with a piano solo, a scat chorus (unusually clear high technique in upper register improvisation), and a flute solo. As an added touch, she overdubbed a piano line to embellish her flute playing. Bassist Red Callender and drummer Marty Roberts provide a solid rhythm section.

3. YOU STEPPED OUT OF A DREAM(BROWN-KAHN) 3:28 - Beautiful pianistic improvising on this fine old standard, building up to an exciting finish. PIANO ELAYNE. DRUMS MAPTY, AND BASS FRED.

4. HALI(Marty Roberts) 2:55    -This haunting melody, written by Marty and harmonized and arranged by Elayne, is dedicated to their daughter Hali. The same musicians recorded Ken's Charisma and Hali, but on the latter they are expanded to a big band by Elayne's creative arranging.

5. I'D BE SO GOOD FOR YOU (1:47) - An original by Florence and Elayne Roberts. Interesting vocal counterpoint by Marty and Elayne and excellent counter rhythms by Marty on 4/4 bass against 6/8 Latin on drums. Marvelous time sense, Marty. This side is unusually refreshing and it swings.

6. NILESOLOGY (4:55) - This composition, composed and arranged by Elayne Roberts, was inspired by the legendary disc jockey and jazz impresario CHUCK NILES. Five of the greatest musicians on the jazz scene today join Marty and Elayne on this selection; namely, RED CALLENDER on bass, formerly with LOUIS ARMSTRONG, ELLA FITZGERALD, BILLY HOLIDAY, CHARLIE PARKER and numerous other jazz stars. MED FLORY, leader of SUPERSAX, who has played with JOE WILLIAMS, WOODY HERMAN, TERRY GIBBS' DREAM BAND, etc., CONTI CONDOLI (on trumpet) who played with the TONIGHT SHOW BAND, STAN KENTON, WOODY HERMAN and etc., also appeared in the movie, "Bell, Book and Candle" with Kirn Novae, Jack Lemmon and James Stewart. JACK NIMITZ, featured with a great number of big bands, including STAN KENTON and WOODY HERMAN. CHARLIE LOPER, formerly with the TONIGHT SHOW BAND, STAN KENTON, etc. This septette plays with all the impact and drive of a roaring big band, and the result is superb. Mark my words, this work of art will live forever as a monument to CHUCK NILES.

7. HALI'S THEME / ELEVATION (2:03) - Hall's Theme, composed and arranged by Elayne Roberts, is dedicated to Marty and Elayne's daughter, Hali, who plays exceptional lead alto in a sax section. Consequently, Marty and Elayne sing this vocalise, written on the changes to Elevation as part of a sax section. Both alto and tenor sax are excellently performed by MED FLORY, leader of SUPERSAX. RED CALLENDER supplies a swing bass line. Marty Roberts plays dynamic drums and whistles tasty fours. Elayne sings lead, her voice a marvelously in-tune instrument as she scats along with her piano solo. The second tune in this medley is Elevation, an old jazz favorite by Gerry Mulligan.

8. MINORITY (Gigi Gryce) (5:52) - Wonderful lines building up to an unbelievably dynamic piano climax. Everyone wails on this one. PIANO - ELAYNE, DRUMS - MARTY, AND BASS - FRED

9. IF YOU BELIEVE (1:44) - An original tune by Elayne and her sister Florence. Vocal by Elayne accompanied by Fred on bass, and Marty on drums.

10. KEN'S CHARISMA (TAKE2) (3:14) - High energy on this up tempo version of Ken's Charisma, with the horns playing chamber jazz on the first chorus and using the baritone sax in place of the rhythm section (a la Gerry Mulligan). However, the rhythm section swings into jazz-latin on the improvised choruses. Great effect -- exciting, and SO innovative. It's a pleasure to hear an arranger who has the courage to do something different. Same band as Ken's Charisma (Take 1).

11. LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE (BURKE- VANHEUSSEN) 4:52 - Lovely vocal and piano lines on this beautiful standard.

12. MILESTONES (MILES DAVIS) 3:40 - Elayne brings this one in on vibes, then plays lyrical lines on piano in a very fast tempo. PIANO ELAYNE, DRUMS MARTY AND BASS FRED.

13. I LOVE YOU 2:47 - This Cole Porter selection begins with a rubato solo by Elayne, followed by a Latin chorus on piano. The third chorus is jazz-Latin and Elayne scats along with the DX7 in guitar mode. On bass-Red Callender, on drums-Marty Roberts.

14. YOU 2:14 - Original jazz ballad by Florence and Elayne.

15. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU 7:41 - An exciting fiery rendition which displays high technique coupled with sensitive creativity. On piano -Elayne Roberts, on bass - Red Callender, on drums - Marty Roberts.

16. SMALL HOTEL 1:29 - A beautiful rendition of this Rodgers and Hart ballad by Elayne on voice, piano and DX7 (in jazz guitar mode). Bass and drums by Marty Roberts.

17. SOFTLY AS IN A MORNING SUNRISE(S. FiOMBEFIG) 3:29 - Lead line by Elayne on vibes followed by a driving piano solo. Next a tasty bass solo by Red Callender and dynamic 4's by Marty. This side ends with Elayne scatting in five part harmony (overdubbed) on a jazz-latin montuna. WILD!

18. SNOW (FLORENCE AND ELAYNE ROBERTS) 2:33 - Elayne sings and swings on celeste on this tune (NOT a synthesizer). Marty on drums and Freddy Dutton, who played with Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz and Cal Tjader, on bass.

19. MINUTE BOSSANOVA (FLORENCE AND ELAYNE ROBERTS) 1:00 - This tune says quite a bit in sixty seconds commencing with a unison vocalise by Marty and Elayne with MED FLORY blending in on alto sax. Elayne then sings the lyrics and plays a driving piano solo concluding with the same unison vocalise by Marty, Elayne arid Med, intensified this time by Elayne overdubbing four part harmony. This blend has a liquid sound and makes for extremely enjoyable listening.

Robert Leonard, Las Vegas Press 
Enterprise Records is a product of H.R. International. 

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