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 To play audio and/or video from this website you'll need to download and install the free RealPlayer G2 from RealNetworks ( http://www.real.com ). This program supports "streaming" real-time audio and video delivered over the Internet.


 Go to the RealNetworks site.

1. Look carefully for the link to the "free" or "basic" RealPlayer software -- it is often hidden beneath other links leading you to the commercial (~$30 US) version of the program. The following button should take you directly to the free version of RealPlayer:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a line similar to "RealPlayer Basic is our free player" hyperlink, and click on it.

2. Once you find the correct page, supply your information and download the program. When you are prompted to save it make sure you save to your desktop so you can find the program after download. Using a 56k modem it will take about 15minutes to completely download the program.

3. Run the installer. You may need to restart your computer after installation.


RealPlayer G2 cannot run on older Windows PCs (e.g., 486 or Pentiums running at less than 133mHz) or Macs (pre-PowerMac Quadras and Performas). Older versions of WebTV and America Online (AOL) software do not support playing audio. Connection speed is very important. You will need at least a 28.8k modem to see the video, and a 56k version is required to avoid "breakups" in the video signal. The "high-speed" versions of the video require that you be connected to the Internet by DSL, cable modem, or through a corporate/academic network. 

Real Networks This takes you to the RealNetworks site where you can download RealAudio/RealVideo players and upgrades.

Click here for help playing video... This button links to the help page.

Play The Video Click this button to begin playing video.


Q: I click on a sound clip but it tries to save it to my hard disk instead of playing it!
A: Most likely RealPlayer software is not installed on your system. Go to http://www.real.com and look for the "Free RealPlayer" or "Basic RealPlayer" hyperlinks. You'll see lots of links for the "for sale" version (currently about $30 US) but keep looking -- the free version is also available. Follow the instructions above to install it on your system.

Q: I clicked on the audio file but nothing happens -- no downloads or audio play.
A: This behavior is usually caused by the presence of a "firewall" between you and the website. If you're surfing from a computer at work, your company may have specifically blocked audio and video using their firewall. If you're at home, it is possible that your Internet connection "dropped" without warning -- in this case, try logging in again.

Q: I downloaded a sound clip but I can't hear anything!
A: If you have a PC, make sure you have a sound card installed and configured. Check to make sure you have your speaker plugged in and that the volume up. Make sure your hardware and Web browser support audio. WebTV Classic and older versions of the AOL Web browser will not work! Check the WebTV and AOL home pages for more information. Low memory is another cause of sound problems -- you will need at least 32megs RAM installed in  your computer for the RealPlayer software to load properly.

Q: Why does the RealAudio file keep breaking up in static on my computer?
If you have a slow (28.8k) modem you won't be able to play the video/music in real time. You should get at least a 56k modem to solve this problem. Even with a 56k modem you will experience occasional breakups in video. You may also get breakups if your Internet provider is overloaded (this is very common with American Online connections).

Q: I see the RealAudio player loading but it says it can't play the video clip!
A: Most likely you have an older audio-only version of RealPlayer installed on your computer. Go to http://www.real.com and get the upgrade.

Q: I tried installing RealPlayer but it said it "didn't support my system"!
A:  If you're using an old 486 (e.g., 33mHz) or Mac Quadra your system is not fast enough to decode real-time audio and/or video. Ideally, you should upgrade to a Pentium or PowerMac-level processor.

Q: Why is the audio/video clip low-quality?
Current Internet speeds allow audio at roughly FM radio quality to be delivered to 56k modems. If an audio sample seems low-quality the problem is likely to be related to your Internet connection (see above). Video is much more restricted -- very few people have connections fast enough for "full screen full motion" videos. To maximize compatibility, video on this site has been adjusted to a smaller window size and lower frame rate.


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