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SWING TIME MAGAZINE - "Marty and Elayne are Jazz musicians first. They survived the turning of the trends, remained perferred favorites in L.A. and are the jewel in the crown of the Hollywood entertainment circuit."

DETOUR - "There is certainly something bewitching about the rapport MARTY AND ELAYNE, (ACCOMPLISHED JAZZ MUSICIANS, composers and recording artists) have with THEIR PUBLIC."

LOUNGE - "Catch the grooving, world famous Marty & Elayne."

VOGUE - "Marty & Elayne are refreshingly real."

L.A. Reader - "Marty & Elayne mesmerize crowds with jazz standards and fusions specialties."

USA TODAY - "Hollywood hipsters flock to the Dresden to see legends Marty & Elayne."

HOT SPOTS - "FM Radio Stations KK60 & KLON have referred to Marty & Elayne as Jazz greats -- and rightly so."

VANITY FAIR - "Marty & Elayne play JAZZ mellifluously."

LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE - "MARTY & ELAYNE started playing to packed houses at the Dresden when their JAZZ CD began airing on FM Radio."

NEWSWEEK - "Since Marty & ELayne revived Jazz Lounge (an endangered art form), young L.A. is in the grip of lounge act fever."

Channel 5 News - "The best in lounge music and arguably, the hottest lounge act in LA." - Sam Ruben, CH 5 News

World News ABC TV - "Marty & Elayne have become an institution. They have a CD airing on Jazz Radio, a video and hip young crowds pack the Dresden every night. Marty & Elayne have made it in LA." - Anderson Cooper, ABC News

Newsweek: So happening are Marty & Elayne that celebs Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, and David Lynch joined the duo to sing a song or two. - Emily Yoffee, Newsweek

L.A. Times: (Calendar/Cover) Dynamic Duo: Although the Dresden has been around since 1940 it's the lounge attraction, Marty & Elayne Roberts that brings in the crowds. - Heidi Siegund, LA Times

Rolling Stone: Hot pick issue: Hot Diversion Marty & Elayne sell out at the Dresden, Michelle Pfeiffer & David Lynch are big fans.

Access Hollywood NBC TV "Catch the now famous Lounge Act, Marty & Elayne." - Interview by Dweezil Zappa

Channel 11 New (TV) "Look out Steve & Eddie! Meet the Famous Marty & Elayne." - Laurie Pike, Fox News

Entertainment Tonight NBC TV "Marty & Elayne's fame is spreading through the movie colony. Fan, Tom Petty put them in a music video, and other celebrities stop by regularity to sing along with them."

Los Angeles Magazine: Marty & Elayne started packing the Dresden when their CD began airing on FM Jazz stations. (Now everybody's got the fever. Lounge Fever!) - Tom Nolan, Las Angles Magazine

Detour Magazine: Not only are Marty & Elayne accomplished musicians, they are newsmakers, TRENDSETTERS! - Larry Shubert, Detour magazine

Good Morning America  ABC TV "The best is cool retro with Marty & Elayne playing to packed houses. Lately however, Marty & Elayne's are springing up all over the country." - Judd Rose, Good Morning America

Movieline Magazine: Regenerated by the movie "Swingers" (in which Marty & Elayne sing Staying Alive") the Dresden is where celebrities join the duo to belt out tunes, but this doesn't alter the fact that the Lounge Regeneration CAUGHT FIRE RIGHT HERE with Marty & Elayne. - Quotations from TV Show and Magazine Articles Edited by J. Ford

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